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Customer Safety


  • Do not jump down from any areas of height within the inflatables. Always use the provided steps or slides.
  • Somersaults, backflips and other dangerous maneuvers are not permitted.
  • You must never jump into a ball pit. Enter and exit carefully looking out for other guests within the ball pit.
  • Keep your head above the balls in the ball pit at all times.
  • When using slides, always slide down feet first, while lying down with your arms crossed over your chest. Never go down a slide head first
  • Never use your foot as a brake when using a slide. Allow yourself to come to a natural stop at the bottom of the slide.
  • When using the airSPACE Slide, use the hessian sacks provided to help avoid friction injuries
  • When jumping or moving around the inflatables, leave distance between yourself and other guests
  • Always be sure to follow the guidance and advice of event staff.
  • Before purchasing a ticket please be aware that all of our attractions have a weight limit of 110kgs. The World’s Largest Bounce House has a maximum height limit of 216 centimeters (7′ feet 1″ inch) and all other attractions have a maximum height limit of 193 centimeters (6′ feet 4″ inch). Please don’t purchase a ticket if you exceed these limits.